Seth MacFarlane posts hilarious recreation of Lukas Gage audition with rude director

Roisin O'Connor
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<p>Lukas Gage is the subject of a video posted by Seth MacFarlane</p> (@lukasgage/@SethMacFarlane)

Lukas Gage is the subject of a video posted by Seth MacFarlane


Seth MacFarlane has chimed in with his own reaction to the excruciating Lukas Gage audition, after a clip shared by the actor showed an unidentified director insulting his apartment.

Gage went viral on Saturday 21 November after posting a clip from an audition taking place over Zoom, where the director fails to realise he is not muted.

He comments on “these poor people who live in these tiny apartments” and notes Gage’s TV on the wall in the background.

Gage alerts the director to his gaffe then jokes that he lives in “a s***y apartment”, which is why he should get the job in order to move into a better one.

The director proceeds to apologise, saying he is “mortified” at the gaffe.

Family Guy star MacFarlane, known for his voice acting and talent for impressions, posted a video to his Twitter account in which the puppet Ernie from Sesame Street is the one auditioning.

“I live in a 4x4 box with my roommate Bert, so just gimme this job and we’re all good,” he says, paraphrasing another comment from Gage in the original video.

Gage himself has received thousands of comments, including fellow actors, praising him for the way he handled the situation.

X-Men star January Jones said she believed she knew who the director was, while Normal People star Paul Mescal simply wrote, “What the f***” on Gage’s Instagram.

Director Judd Apatow tweeted: “As a young man I would have dreamed of an apartment like this one. Look at that sweet flat screen! The guitar! The moldings!”

On a more serious note, Billy Eichner wrote: “Actors are often (not always but often) treated like garbage and taken advantage of because ‘we’re just lucky to have a job’ and ‘we’re gonna take the job anyway’ etc etc. It’s very f***ed up.”

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