Seth Rogen admits negative film reviews 'hurt'

Seth Rogen has admitted receiving negative film reviews can be "devastating".

The Superbad star/co-writer opened up about film criticism during a recent appearance on The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett podcast and revealed some film industry people "never recover" from an onslaught of bad reviews.

"I think if most critics knew how much it hurts the people that made the things that they are writing about, they would second guess the way they write these things," Rogen said. "It's devastating. I know people who have never recovered from it honestly - a year, decades of being hurt by (film reviews). It's very personal.

"It is devastating when you are being institutionally told that your personal expression was bad, and that's something that people carry with them, literally, their entire lives and I get why. It f**king sucks."

The Knocked Up star noted that his 2011 superhero comedy The Green Hornet bombed with the critics but he was able to find "some sense of success" in it because it did "pretty well" at the box office.

However, with his 2014 satire The Interview, the reviews felt "more painful" and "more personal" because he was not only the star of the movie but also the co-director and co-producer.

"People were taking joy in talking s**t about it and questioning the types of people that would want to make a movie like that," he explained. "Green Hornet felt like I had fallen victim to a big fancy thing. That was not so such much a creative failure on our parts but a conceptual failure. (With) The Interview, people treated us like we creatively failed and that sucked."

Whether the critical response has been positive or not, Rogen admitted all opening weekends are "stressful" because you don't know how a movie will perform at the box office. However, he has found the best way to move past a flop is to keep working.