Seth Rogen clarifies safety after hilarious TikTok video asks whether he’s been kidnapped

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Seth Rogen clarifies safety after hilarious TikTok video asks whether he’s been kidnapped

Seth Rogen has clarified that he is safe and well, after a comedy TikTok video theorised that he has been kidnapped.

The Long Shot star went viral on the short-form video platform after user Chris Karwaski noticed that Rogen’s social media channels have become dominated by pictures of ceramics.

Rogen has been documenting his newfound love of vases and ceramics since 2019, regularly posting photographs of his latest creations.

In Karwaski’s skit, however, he can be seen nailing to a tree a “missing” poster with Rogen’s face on it, and singing about his “pretty crazy hypothesis” that Rogen has not been physically seen on social media lately. Karwaski worries that Rogen has been “kidnapped by a shady ceramicist”.

Sharing the skit on his Twitter page, Rogen addressed the wild claim.

“This video is very funny and not at all true!” Rogen wrote. “I have not been kidnapped! This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!”

Rogen has been active in other ways this year, shocking fans with his unrecognisable appearance in a forthcoming limited series inspired by Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and releasing his first memoir, titled Yearbook.

In it, he claims that Tom Cruise once attempted to convince him to join Scientology, and that surreal character ideas pitched by Nicolas Cage during a casting meeting “set off alarms”.

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