Seven-Year-Old Girl Embodies Queen Latifah for Black History Month

A seven-year-old in Detroit, Michigan, embodied Queen Latifah in a tribute to the star for Black History Month.

Kenya White recorded this video of her daughter, Rosie, and originally posted it to Facebook. White told Storyful Rosie loves Queen Latifah’s “cute smile and nice hair.”

“Queen Latifah has been around for a long time. She’s actually a jack of all trades,” White said. “She’s a rapper, actress, and sings blues and jazz. Who wouldn’t honor a real-life queen as Latifah for Black History Month.”

The video shows Rosie speaking directly to the camera explaining the origin of 52-year-old Queen Latifah’s name, her first big musical hit, and the success she found in acting. Credit: Kenya White via Storyful

Video transcript


ROSIE WHITE: I am hip hop's first lady, Queen Latifah. Actually, my cousin's named me that name. Latifah means "very kind" in Arabic. I started off with beatboxing. [BEAT BOXING] Then I became a rapper. One of my songs became a massive hit.


(SPEAKING) I talked about being a Black woman in the modern world. I'm a blues and jazz singer nominated for a Grammy. I'm the first hip hop to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oh, did I mention I am an actress? My hardest decision movie was call "Set It Off".

Here we go. Here we go. Me and you. [SCREAMS]

My acting career has eventually surpassed my music one. Me, Queen Latifah.


Me, Queen Latifah.