Seven Year Switch viewers are not happy with George

Susannah Alexander
Photo credit: Channel 4

From Digital Spy

Channel 4's experimental partner-swap show Seven Year Switch continued tonight (March 13) with its second episode.

The show sees four couples who have been having problems in their relationship take the extreme step of swapping partners with another couple in crisis in a bid to resolve some of the issues they're facing in their relationship.

And, after last week's introductions, tonight saw the newly-switched couples start the experiment in earnest as the new pairs – Rachel and George, Nikki and Tony, Gemma and Simon and Michelle and Tom – settled into their swanky villas and head out on their first dates together.

Photo credit: Channel 4

It didn't take long before the couples got chatting, both with each other and with their relationship counsellor, and it wasn't too long after that that viewers started to realise that they're not exactly huge fans of George.

Among other things, tonight it emerged that George has called his wife Michelle names before, and then dismissed her reaction by saying that she "can't handle constructive criticism", and also admitted that his wife does all his ironing and housework for him, telling his new partner Rachel that he has no desire to learn how to look after himself either.

And, yeah, viewers weren't having any of that: