Sex worker and her disabled client talk about having an active sex life

A sex worker and her disabled client have spoken out about their romps to 'normalise' people with disabilities having an active sex life. Olive Pearl, 30, and her client, Gavin Thorneycroft, 32 - who has cerebral palsy - decided to speak out about their encounters to break the stigma surrounding sex with a disability. The pair - who have gone on to become good friends - said wheelchair-bound Gavin is often positioned in a sex swing. The duo hope their 'no holds barred' content will encourage others to be more open-minded and understanding. Olive, who is originally from Hamburg, Germany but now lives in Melbourne, Australia has been in the sex industry on and off since she was 18. She said: "Gavin is just a regular guy - with the same sexual desires as other people. She said: "When I spend time with him, I don't see him as any different to any other client. "We just have to get a little inventive with our positions to make sure it's comfortable for him - the sex swing is great for that - but that's it. Gavin, who is unable to work due to his disability, also from from Melbourne, said: "Having sex makes me feel normal, but it was hard to find a sex worker who gets it. "Olive is so respectful and we have a great time together. "Just because I'm disabled it doesn't mean I don't have the same wants and needs as able-bodied people. "People with disabilities shouldn't feel ashamed of having sex and being sexual - it's totally normal." This compilation was created on the 28th October 2021.

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