SFA president defends call to DOUBLE board members pay as he points to sums behind independent audit

-Credit: (Image: SNS Group / SFA)
-Credit: (Image: SNS Group / SFA)

Hampden chief Mike Mulraney has defended the decision to double directors pay - insisting it’s necessary to ensure the SFA can attract the best board it can.

The governing body’s AGM unanimously approved plans to give office bearers a 100 percent increase in wages. President Mulraney and his deputy Les Gray will defer their bumper salary rise until next year. But he insists the increase was required after an independent audit showed the cash the SFA paid to its top brass failed to measure up to the sums being given out by Scotland ’s other sporting institutions.

Mulraney said: “We can’t have a situation in Scottish football where it will only be led by the retired and the wealthy. It cannot be like that. It’s important to stress that the remuneration for non-exec directors and office bearers was assessed and benchmarked independently. The members 100 percent supported the resolution with no objections.

“The vice-president and myself won’t take it this year and so it comes in at the point of next year’s elections. We need to make sure we can attract the best directors and best candidate.

“The independent audit came back and I wasn’t satisfied with where it came back because it was too high. I said we had to cut it below that in the current environment. We’re the biggest sport, we’re the one who is going to change the landscape of there nation’s sport. I think I’ve got the best but I’ll be looking for better.”

The news comes after the SFA announced a new TV deal with Premier Sports and BBC Scotland to Scottish Cup screening rights that will bring in £20million across the next five years. And Mulraney has now challenged his SFA staff to find another £50m to upgrade grassroots facilities across the country.

Reacting to the TV boost, the President said: “In a market where TV deals are getting harder throughout Europe and the world, where incomes are dropping with TV deals, Scotland is in a position where our guys have negotiated a 33 percent uplift over the five-year period.

“That’s unprecedented. It’s bucking the trend, and I think it’s reflective of where Scotland’s football is. Anyone who thinks that isn’t good news in the current climate doesn’t understand the current climate, because the current climate is incredibly difficult.

“Our new target for the next five years is £50m for facilities. The SFA are committing to a £50m target to rebuild the facilities inside Scottish football.

“These facilities could and should be broader than just football, we have got to be bigger than football. We have to look at where other sports and other aspects of our community can use and reuse what we build. So we’re not just building for football, we’re building for Scotland.”