The shadow workers of Qatar: Is World Cup host 'sportswashing' its reputation?

Will the 2022 World Cup, which is taking place in less than a month, be a successful exercise in "sportswashing"? Plagued with accusations of worker abuse, homophobia, sexism, racism and corruption since FIFA awarded them the World Cup 12 years ago, Qatar has had to answer for thousands of harrowing accounts of exploitation – mostly of South Asian migrant workers toiling for long hours in intense heat to build the glittering new stadiums, hotels, roads and airports in place to welcome an expected 1.2 million visitors. We put the question to our panel, including journalist Chloé Domat, who has filmed a special documentary on the issue.

>> Watch the full-length version of our documentary on the plight of migrant workers in Qatar

Produced by Charles Wente, Louise Guibert and Antonia Kerrigan

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