‘Shame on you’: Jeremy Renner fans disgusted by people ‘making jokes’ about snow plough accident

‘Shame on you’: Jeremy Renner fans disgusted by people ‘making jokes’ about snow plough accident

While many have shared their thoughts and prayers with Jeremy Renner and his family following the actor’s horrific snow-plough accident, fans have also criticised social media users making light of the situation.

On 1 January, Renner was ploughing the road a quarter mile from his Nevada home when the plough, a Snowcat, accidentally ran over his leg.

One of his neighbours, a doctor, put a tourniquet on his leg, reportedly saving his life. Renner was then airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he has since undergone two surgeries.

Since news of the Marvel actor’s accident, he has been met with an “outpouring of love and support from his fans” and fellow celebrities alike.

However, amidst the well-wishes, there have been some who have instead used the situation to crack jokes at Renner’s expense.

Others disgusted by the “dumb jokes” have asked people to “show some humanity”.

“It is so royally f***ed up that some people are using this awful news about Jeremy Renner to make MCU jokes,” one tweeted. “What the f*** is wrong with you people??”

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“About the Jeremy Renner incident,” a second addressed. “Y’all quit saying stuff like, ‘he’s Hawkeye, as long as his arms are fine’ and ‘he’s a superhero’ Y’ALL THIS IS AN ACTUAL PERSON! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CONCERNED FOR HIM! NOT MAKING YOUR DUMB JOKES!”

Another wrote: “Those further details about Jeremy Renner’s accident sound absolutely horrific. Shame on you if you’re making jokes about it.”

“I don’t understand the mentality of cracking jokes over Jeremy Renner’s injury,” a fourth added. “It’s absolutely moronic to find humour in something like that.”

At the moment, Renner has undergone two surgeries to treat “extensive” injuries sustained from the accident.

Before the operations, the Hawkeye star was reportedly “conscious, stable and speaking”.

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