Shane Richie panics as he faces 200 spiders in 'I'm A Celebrity' trial

Watch: Shane Richie faces 200 spiders in I’m A Celeb challenge

I’m A Celebrity contestant Shane Richie screamed and gagged as he stuck his head into a box of 200 spiders in the latest terrifying trial.

The EastEnders star was tasked with crawling through 12 display cabinets full of creepy crawlies and critters such as maggots, cockroaches and bearded dragons in a bid to secure meals for camp.

But it was the spiders that nearly derailed him, with the star saying they gave him “a little panic attack”.

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Before he started the Cruel Jewels trial, Richie told hosts Ant and Dec he was “full of mixed emotions.”

“Honestly, I feel like a six-foot overweight dad of five,” said the 56-year-old.

Ant remarked on things being a little tense in camp and Richie said he thought returning with a decent haul of stars – with each representing food for the contestants – would be good for everyone.

“I think tonight is an important trial for the morale,” he said. “If I can go back and just go, 'Guys, we got 12 stars.’ It's about the morale."

The actor was cool, calm and collected as the stomach-churning challenge got under way, braving mealworms and crickets.

When Richie got to the chamber of snakes he thought the creatures looked “angry” but managed to get the job done and retrieved both stars.

However, he did have to chant the names of his children to give him courage.

"If I name all the kids I'll be here for ten hours!" joked the dad-of-five.

Things took a dark turn when the star stuck his head into one of the chambers and encountered a network of spiderwebs.

To his horror, he discovered he was in a box full of 200 spiders, and he had to use his tongue to release the stars.

“Oh God no!” he cried, as Ant and Dec looked on and chuckled.

“Where are they? Are there some behind me?”

“It’s arachnophobia isn’t it?” he asked.

Despite the presenters winding him up by gleefully reminding him of just how many spiders were in there, Richie managed to secure the stars and made his escape.

When he emerged he said the moment had given him “a little panic attack”.

"Was that your worst, the spiders?" asked Dec.

"It wasn't until you started reminding me that there was 200 in there!" he yelled.

However, it all proved to be worth it as the actor managed to get 12 stars.

There were cheers all round when the group discovered Richie’s efforts meant a dinner of crayfish and chili instead of rice and beans.

Vernon Kay, Beverley Callard, Sir Mo Farah CBE, Jessica Plummer, Shane Richie, Victoria Derbyshire, AJ Pritchard, Giovanna Fletcher, Hollie Arnold MBE and Jordan North in a promotional still for I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (ITV)
The I'm A Celebrity... contestants (ITV)

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Author Giovanna Fletcher said after the slap-up meal: “Tonight everyone was upbeat, everyone was uplifted and the mood in the kitchen was a happy one.”

“We had one of the best, if not the best, meals we’ve had in camp. So far everyone was over the moon,” added Vernon Kay.

Olympian Mo Farah joked: “Lots of happy customers, me and Giovanna are a good team together, we cook well, everyone’s happy - Gordan Ramsey had better watch out!”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow on ITV.

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