Shania Twain, 57, floored fans wearing a totally see-through dress

<span class="caption">Shania Twain's core in see-through dress is 💯</span>
Shania Twain's core in see-through dress is 💯

Shania Twain's core does impress us much! The singer, 57, took to the red carpet at the 2022 People's Choice Awards in an outfit that paid homage to her iconic look from her 1998 music video for her song, "That Don't Impress Me Much.", featuring a see-through dress.

And while the throwback outfit was certainly impressive, so was the singer's incredibly toned core, which was visible through the gown's sheer, mesh fabric. If you weren't watching last night, don't worry. I've got you covered on the Shania fashion front:

shania twain peoples choice awards abs
Shania Twain hits the People’s Choice Awards show in a mesh, leopard-print gown. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Now, you might be wondering what this star does to stay so strong. If so, you're not alone. Shania credits her toned core with lots of time riding her horses. She loves to ride as much as possible, and shares lots of snaps and videos of herself on Instagram while out and about on the horses. Here's one example:

She also posted a funny Instagram video where she noted she was the "Queen of cancelling on friends to ride horses" in her caption.

Professional hunter-jumper rider and trainer Melissa Gruber recently told People why horseback riding is such a good workout. 'Riding is a total body workout,' she said. 'Your legs, arms, and core work together to control and communicate with the horses. That subtle body control takes physical strength and balance very similar to Pilates, yoga or even surfing.'

Shania is also a dog mum, and she stays moving by taking her pups outside for lots of long walks.

Back in 2019, Shania also shared some snaps on her Instagram that showed her doing some hardcore mountain biking in preparation for her Las Vegas residency. She captioned the post, 'Getting fit for my residency! 🚴♀️ #LetsGoVegas.' Biking is a great low-impact workout that will provide a great burst of cardio while also toning your legs and glutes.

When it comes to her diet and exercise routines, Shania gave an interview back in 2016, where she told Entertainment Tonight that she tries 'to dominate my diet with more proteins. That's my discipline.' Still, her favourite treat are some dill pickle chips ('It's a Canadian thing!' she said), and a good cocktail.

Shania added that she also plays 'a lot of tennis. I love horses, so I'm riding all the time. I love just staying active.'

Another part of Shania's fitness and health journey involves her battle with Lyme disease. In her new Netflix documentary Not Just a Girl, Shania opened up more about her battle with the disease, which began back in 2003.

'The tick was infected with Lyme disease, and I did get Lyme disease,' she said, per Vanity Fair. 'My symptoms were quite scary because before I was diagnosed, I was on stage very dizzy. I was losing my balance, I was afraid I was gonna fall off the stage… I was having these very, very, very millisecond blackouts, but regularly, every minute or every 30 seconds.'

Not only did the disease affect Shania's health, but it also took a toll on her voice. 'My voice was never the same again. I thought I'd lost my voice forever. I thought that was it, [and] I would never, ever sing again.'

Thankfully, Shania has persevered through it all--and we love her even more for it!

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