Shaquille O'Neal to host Facebook show 'Big Chicken Shaq' about his new Las Vegas restaurant

Shaquille O’Neal is already working to open his latest business venture in Las Vegas. The former NBA star, though, now wants fans to come along for the ride.

O’Neal announced on Wednesday that he will be launching “Big Chicken Shaq” this fall — an eight-episode reality show on Facebook Watch that will follow him as he works to open his new restaurant, Big Chicken.

“It’s going to be so much fun designing my own restaurant, and I can’t imagine a better group of people to do it with than with my incredibly loyal Facebook fans,” O’Neal told Variety. “It’s an opportunity for us to collaborate together, and I know the Facebook community will offer terrific feedback.”

The 2,800-foot restaurant is scheduled to be open by October, and will be located across from the Hard Rock Hotel near the Las Vegas Strip.

Shaquille O’Neal announced a new Facebook reality show, “Big Chicken Shaq,” on Wednesday that will follow him as he opens a Las Vegas restaurant. (Getty Images)

The show, which is being produced by The Content Group and Asylum Entertainment, will provide yet another look into O’Neal’s life — who seems to be everywhere since his retirement from the NBA.

“You’re going to see my personality; you’re going to see my leadership style, see how I manage people” O’Neal told Bleacher Report. “From winning all those championships and running all those teams, I always said to myself, ‘You can never win by yourself.’ You definitely have to utilize your teammates. You can never micro-manage your team. My leadership style is always to hire people smarter than me.

“The more you get your teammates involved, the better they will perform. [It’s like] those Game 7-type situations.”

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