Shark swims between surfers in Byron Bay, Australia

This is the terrifying moment a hungry shark swam between surfers in Australia. Drone footage shows the 6.5ft-long juvenile shark drifting near unsuspecting holidaymakers in Byron Bay, New South Wales on April 25. The marine animal could have attacked any of the dozens of surfers in the water that time but it chose to hunt the smaller fish nearby instead. No one was hurt but tourists visiting the popular surf spots between Byron Bay and Evans Head were reminded to be careful as it is home to several huge sharks. Drone pilot Tobias Nicol, who recorded the close call with the predator, said the shark was just ‘doing what was natural’ by swimming through the shallows and it left the area shortly after. Government partner SharkSmart said drumlines were installed in the popular swimming spots to lure and trap huge sharks and prevent a possible attack to humans in these areas. In a statement it said that aside from the drumlines drones could also help monitor the water. They added: ‘Drones are the future for localised beach surveillance.’ The drumlines have tagged 14 great white sharks in a four-day span alone in July last year. In 2020, Australia had a total of 18 unprovoked shark attacks, which was slightly higher than the most recent five-year annual average of 16 incidents for the region. Eight bites occurred in New South Wales, two of which were fatal. Three bites occurred in Queensland, two of which were fatal. Five bites occurred in Western Australia, two of which were fatal. Single incidents occurred in South Australia and Victoria.