Sharon Gaffka says she wasn't accurately portrayed on Love Island

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Photo credit: @sharongaffka - Instagram
Photo credit: @sharongaffka - Instagram

Former Love Island contestant Sharon Gaffka has revealed that she doesn't think she was accurately portrayed on the ITV show.

In an Instagram Q&A with fans, the civil servant opened up about everything from what it's really like inside the villa, to taking on body shammers and whether she's currently coupled up.

When asked point-blank by a fan if she was accurately portrayed on the show, Sharon said, "to be quite blunt about this, no, but it happens because it’s a show and it’s reality TV".

While the London-based star says she has a good perspective about her time in the villa, she says that not everything in paradise always appears as it seems.

When one fan asked how she deals with negative comments made about the other Islanders who are currently in the villa, she said: "I think it is harder for us because we know them differently and we’re aware it is one hour of a 24-hour-day. But equally, there is nothing I can do about it apart from be supportive of everyone when they come out."

One thing the star has encountered since exiting the villa is fans stopping her in the street, who she says always appear shocked by how different she seems in real life. "People who meet me in real life have said I’m taller and skinnier than what they thought I would be and just generally very different," she revealed. "Even the bombshells say it when they come in, they didn’t expect us to look how we do. 110% nobody looks how they do on camera," she added.

Since returning home Sharon has sadly had to deal with online haters, who have unfairly criticised her decision to get lip fillers. But the comments aren't holding her back, with the star saying: "I don’t regret having my lips done, mainly because I know the nasty comments are based on how they looked in the villa." But after watching some clips back Shaza says that "I know that’s not what they look like in real life," later adding, "you kind of just have to take comments on the chin."

Fans also quizzed Sharon about her current dating life, to which she replied, "I'm not dating anyone, not Brad, not Chuggs, not Aaron, no one," which will surely disappoint those who had their hopes on a love connection happening outside of the villa.

The season finale of Love Island airs Monday August 23.

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