Sharon Stone Alleges a Former Head of Sony Exposed Himself to Her in the ’80s

Sharon Stone alleges that during the 1980s, an unnamed head of Sony exposed himself to her before implying she engaged in sexual acts in his office.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed the alleged interaction while appearing on the latest episode of SiriusXM’s Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa, which published Wednesday. The conversation saw Stone discussing a “karma” controversy involving the Chinese government, her past health scares and various elements of her relationship with ex-husband Phil Bronstein.

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The Basic Instinct actress also explained why she didn’t name anyone at the height of the #MeToo movement and in her 2001 memoir, but did see the behavior of industry men shift after she gave a warning about the conditions that would see her publicly address harassers.

That followed Stone pointing to an interaction with an unnamed executive during the nearly hourlong discussion with Ripa, after talking about another female artist who recalled her own experiences with sexual misconduct in a song at a concert. Stone said her encounter took place in the ’80s, after she’d been in L.A. a few years, and that she remembers it in part because of what she was wearing her “one good outfit” — a Ralph Lauren jacket, denim skirt and cowboy boots.

“It’s purely special because it costs you everything you had. You got it at the closeout sale, and you keep it clean because it’s the only thing you have for your special, special meetings,” she recalled. “I was so excited to wear my special outfit and to meet the head of Sony.”

Stone says when she met him in his office, there was a couch “basically on the floor” — that had the taller actress looking like “all legs sitting there” as he paced in front of her. That’s when she says her experience began to resemble that of the artist who had recently expounded on her harassment, with the executive profusely complimenting Stone.

“He’s doing the exact same thing — ‘It’s true what they say about you and you’re the most gorgeous. We haven’t seen anyone like you in decades. Everybody’s talking about you and look at you. You’re the most articulate. You’re so smart and beautiful — and that hair,'” she recalls. “Then he went — came walking right up in front of me — and he said, ‘But first,’ and he took his penis right out in my face.”

Stone said she began to have a nervous reaction, a mix of nervous laughter and crying. “I was very young and what I do when I’m nervous because I basically a very bubbly person, I started laughing. I started laughing and crying at the same time and I couldn’t stop because I became hysterical,” she recounted.

“I couldn’t stop so he didn’t know what to do, so of course he put it away, and he went through this door behind his desk, which I thought was that he left,” she continued. Traumatized, Stone says she was just “sitting there hysterical” until the executive’s secretary came in and lead her out.

The Flight Attendant and Ratched star says that was “not the last of many weird experiences like this in my career,” but the parallels between her harassment and the younger singer’s were noticeable. “When I heard this girl sing this — now you got to realize that this is like 1980 that this happened to me and now we’re in 2023, which is 43 years later,” she said. “I am mortified that this still the same exact thing.”

What has changed, Stone points out, is that more people are open about their experiences, with the actress noting the venue of fans who were singing along with the musician.

“I was crying because I thought, ‘Jeez, there was no way I could have told this story before. There was no way anyone would listen to me and ever hire me again,'” she concluded. “I wouldn’t have been able to tell on a studio head from 1980 because Sony would never hire me again. But the truth of the matter is, they’re not hiring me anyway.”

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