Shashi Naidoo: I copied and pasted a response in an attempt to appear 'smart'

Shashi Naidoo: I copied and pasted a response in an attempt to appear smart

Cape Town - Local TV personality and model Shashi Naidoo has taken to social media to "explain what happened" regarding her recent pro-Israeli comments on social media. 

The 37-year-old came under fire for coming across as being"extremely uninformed" after expressing her views on Israel and Palestine on Saturday.

The model released several public apologies following the incident, saying: "I am extremely sorry for the statements I have made, unfortunately my comments came from very little knowledge of the political standing as I am not a political figure or even follow political." 

In her latest apology, Shashi explains what sparked her comments. She says that she received comments on an Instagram photo she posted of DJ Black Coffee, regarding a previous performance in Israel, and wanted to post a response in his defense.     

"I reached out to a friend to help articulate a response and offer a secondary point of view, as to be honest, I didn't know much about the situation (although it sure must have looked otherwise)."

She adds: "I stupidly copied and pasted the response verbatim in a feeble attempt to appear smart on social media without reading it comprehensibly (I know), thereby entering an issue of world importance, I had no real fundamental understanding of - my biggest mistake."

"Words will never be enough to express how truly sorry I am. It will be in my actions going forward that I do better," she ends off.