Who is Shaughna Phillips? Winter Love Island star's career in politics, Instagram handle and age

Sophie Rainbow

Love Island is back on our screens, so prepare to have your January blues well and truly banished.

One of the 12 faces in the first ever Winter Love Island series is democratic services officer Shaughna Phillips from London.

Shaughna, who told The Sun that she hopes to return to the world of politics when she leaves the show, revealed that she worked with victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster while working for the local council.

Here's the lowdown on the 25-year-old...

Who is Shaughna Phillips?

Shaughna is a democratic services officer from London and has promised to bring a few surprises with her into the villa.

Speaking before the series started, she said: "I’m chatty, funny and clever – people won’t expect it from me. When they hear me speak about certain things they’ll be shocked. I like to get on with everyone, too."

Asked to describe herself in three words, Shaughna decided on, "Funny, easy-going but a little bit bossy," which obviously isn't three words but we'll let her off on this occasion.

By her own admission, her worst habit is "Thinking I’m always right… or should I say, knowing I’m always right", and she thinks her best feature is her lips, adding that she has "spent enough money on them!"

Before entering the villa, Shaughna worked for Lambeth council as a democratic services officer but quit her job to appear on the show.

It was during her time at the council that she worked with a fire safety team which helped ensure that the front doors in council properties were fire safe following the Grenfell Tower fire.

She told the newspaper: "To begin with, it was overwhelming. But because you’re doing something good, that if I went home and there was a few more fire safe doors that had been installed, it was like, ‘good, we’re getting there’.

"It was hitting the ground running as there was so much to do, so it was like a project and I loved, loved, loved it."

She also revealed that despite quitting her job to go on the show, she would love to return to the world of politics when she gets back to the UK to help people.

Who has Shaughna coupled up with?

Initially, Shaughna coupled up with the Manchester scaffolder Callum - and she was over the moon at his decision.

However, things began to go awry thanks to the late introduction of twins Jess and Eve Gale, who soon revealed who they wanted to pair up with.

Eve eventually chose Callum - leaving Shaughna both single and fuming.

What's Shaughna's type?

Shaughna says that her ideal man is "Funny, a little bit smart, not smarter than me as I’d get really annoyed. I want someone I can watch the news with and have a conversation about it. I also want someone that gets along with their parents and who dresses nice and looks nice although looks aren’t everything."

On the other hand, Shaughna says that an immediate turn off for her is "Someone who loves themselves. Someone that’s not listening to you – I just think go and annoy someone else."

The worst chat up line she's ever seen was a message that said: "If you were on a McDonalds menu, you’d be a McGorgeous."

So who is her celebrity crush? "Jack Fincham is a bit of me on toast," she says.

Speaking of toast, Shaughna added that as an ideal first date she "wouldn’t mind going for something to eat."

What has Shaughna said about Winter Love Island 2020?

Shaughna's last boyfriend cheated on her, so she has resolved not avoid anyone who has a history of cheating whilst in the villa.

"I always used to think if I got cheated on it’d be door shut, go away," she said. " It's not like that, cheating messes you up. I could never do that to anyone. I wouldn’t like to be with someone who had cheated in their past."

When it comes to girl code, she added: "Don’t go near your friend’s man and don’t go near a man who has got a girlfriend at all."

Overall, though, Shaughna wants to have fun on Winter Love Island, saying that the song that best sums up her love life would be Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Staton.

"I’m definitely up for having fun when it comes to love," she said.

Is Shaughna on Instagram?

She most certainly is. See all of her snaps on: @shaughnaphillips.

When does the new series of Love Island start?

Winter Love Island 2020 began on ITV2 on Sunday, January 12.

The action kicks off at 9pm, and each episode lasts around an hour.

The show is on every night, apart from Saturdays, and is followed up with Aftersun.

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