Shaun Ryder reveals impact suspected long Covid has had on him: ‘I wake up with no energy’

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Shaun Ryder has revealed that he believes he is suffering from long Covid after catching the virus.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday (14 July), the former Happy Mondays musician said that he originally contracted Covid-19 while filming for Stand Up to Cancer in London with his daughters.

Despite doing tests throughout the shooting process, Ryder explained: “I got home, the two girls had got it but had no symptoms. But then I got it and I end up in bed for about two or three weeks!”

He added that he was still feeling the impact after recovering from the illness.

“Every now and then, I wake up with no energy and I’ll spend that day falling asleep,” he said.

“It just comes out of nowhere. I’m fine then – boom! I get up one day and I’m gone and I’m like that all day and I don’t know why.

Little is known about the long-term impacts of coronavirus, but many people have reported still feeling the impact of the virus months after first being diagnosed.

Last month, it was reported that nearly 400,000 people still have long Covid one year after initial infection.

Other celebrities to have revealed that they have struggled with it include Carol Vorderman, who recently said that she hadn’t been able to walk 100 yards, three months after catching the virus.

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