Shaun Ryder reveals his secret to recent weight loss

Shaun Ryder has opened up about his weight loss credit:Bang Showbiz
Shaun Ryder has opened up about his weight loss credit:Bang Showbiz

Shaun Ryder has lost two stone thanks to the controversial diet drug Ozempic.

The 60-year-old singer - who recently appeared on the all-star version of 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' - has revealed that he's managed to shed a significant amount of weight in recent years, after he turned to the diet drug.

Speaking about his weight loss, Shaun - who first appeared on 'I'm A Celebrity' in 2010 - told The Sun newspaper: "Being 60 with hip problems, thyroid problems, f****** testosterone problems and everything else.

"People have noticed I don't have any f****** eyebrows and eyelashes, from my alopecia.

"Basically, you know, the jungle slapped me right across the face and said calm down mate.

"My thyroid is underactive, so it doesn't matter if you just eat lettuce you’ll still be f***** fat but since I did the jungle I’ve lost a load of weight.

"I think I was 16 stone and now I'm down to 14 because of them jabs you stick in your belly, that they say the Kardashians are on? Ozempic. I've been on them and I’ve lost two stone."

Ozempic is an appetite-suppressing jab that's rumoured to be hugely popular in Hollywood circles at the moment.

However, it can also be prescribed by a doctor to help patients who are struggling with obesity because of diabetes and thyroid conditions.

Shaun acknowledges that some celebrities who have turned to Ozempic might have "a lot of body issues going on". However, for the Happy Mondays star, it's proven to be a life-changer.

He shared: "For me it’s great; I actually get a bit of energy from it so now we're back to cycling."