Shaun Ryder suggests that some I'm A Celebrity... South Africa stars are faking it

Shaun Ryder thinks some campmates are faking it on 'I'm A Celebrity... South Africa' credit:Bang Showbiz
Shaun Ryder thinks some campmates are faking it on 'I'm A Celebrity... South Africa' credit:Bang Showbiz

Shaun Ryder believes that some contestants on 'I'm a Celebrity... South Africa' are acting up for the cameras.

The Happy Mondays singer was eliminated from the all stars series alongside Gillian McKeith last week but hinted that the diet guru and former royal butler Paul Burrell are faking it on the ITV show.

Shaun - who clashed with Gillian during his original appearance on the show back in 2010 - told The Sun newspaper: "I've bumped into Gillian at least ten times in the last 12 years with her kids, with my kids, and I thought we're all good.

"But at first Gillian's head was still stuck 12 years ago, she was ready to battle with me.

"I was working hard at making me and her get on, and as far as I was concerned I got on with everybody and everyone was having a nice time."

Gillian shocked the camp with her secret plan to smuggle in contraband such as salt and mints but Shaun was left unsurprised by her antics.

He said: "At the end of the day... how can I put it? Gillian's a grafter.

"We all know I think Gillian's fainting (in 2010) is a load of b*******.

"The smuggling was typical Gillian."

Shaun also suggested that Paul was over exaggerating his screams during the trials.

The 60-year-old star said: "I love Paul Burrell, but at the end of the day Paul comes from a pit village. Paul's dad was a miner, Paul is hard as f***.

"I think Paul's great, but I did take the p*** out of Paul's screaming in trials.

"But you know. It's just a laugh."

Paul did enjoy spending time with model Janice Dickinson as she is as "mad as a bag of bouncing frogs" and was happy to be with other contestants such as Carol Vorderman, Phil Tufnell and Myleene Klass.

He said: "I think Janice Dickinson is f****** amazing and there was a lot of really cool people in there.

"I mean, Janice is on my level. She’s mad as a bag of bouncing frogs, which is cool by me.

"When I was in there the first time round my biggest fear was people, I have my pals and that’s it, I don't know a lot of showbiz people or whatever.

"But both times we had a great bunch so I was lucky. There wasn’t any d****."