Sheep Leaps Over Cattle Grid at Queensland Property

A sheep followed its canine companions’ lead and made an impressive leap over a cattle grid at a Queensland property, footage posted October 25 shows.

The video was filmed by Wendy Sheehan at her sheep property in Quilpie, and shows the animal – which she refers to as Baby Sheep – jumping the grid with ease.

This flying sheep has, suitably, featured in a number of videos by Sheehan this month as she completes a 79 km walk to raise funds for the Flying Doctor Service (that’s one kilometer per plane operated by them).

Sheehan thanked Baby Sheep for “helping to spread the word” of her endeavors.

She added that she has not taught Baby Sheep to “jump grids, or crawl under fences” as it is not desirable behavior. She wrote that he is “self taught” and “not likely to hurt himself as he can jump the grid easily.” Credit: Wendy Sheehan via Storyful

Video transcript