Sheffield football team that never won a game last season but is keen to stay together seeks sponsor

Millstone FC are desperate for sponsorship
Millstone FC are desperate for sponsorship

The eleven youngsters that make up Millstone FC's U9s team are in need of a sponsor, so they can keep their success story going.

After two years without a sponsor, the boys face having to drop out of the league or stop training altogether, due to the cost of the indoor or floodlit grounds required when it becomes too dark and dangerous for winter sessions outside.

James Fairfax, who has managed the team since the end of last season, said: "They didn't win a game all of last season, but they're doing so well now, and it would be such a shame to stop.

Millstone FC U9s
Millstone FC U9s

“A sponsorship would get their business on their shirts as well. Their brand would be out there and, most importantly, these boys would still have a team that can afford to train.

“It’s the little things - some of them can’t always afford nice warm tracksuits to train in, and a sponsorship would really help with that, too.”

The players’ parents pay £20 a month which covers the league and administration fees, but cannot stretch to winter training and other additional costs.

Sophie Priestly, James’ partner and mum to one of the players, said: "We have put out some pretty desperate Facebook pleas to try and secure some financial help by means of a sponsor, but we are failing pretty badly.

"We have tried so hard and have explored so many avenues and we just cannot get any sponsors on board to help with some funding for our boys."

Any business owner who wishes to sponsor the team, which plays at Corker Bottoms Playing Fields, should contact Millstone FC at 07760 380934 or

James added: "I got involved because Sophie’s son wanted to play, and a few weeks later I was manager. I used to play football myself, and taking over here was the best thing I have done.

"I am really proud of them. For the future of the club, it’s important that we find someone."