Shelves Still Bare One Day After British Supermarkets Start Limiting Purchases

Major UK supermarkets Tesco and Sainsbury’s implemented new restrictions on March 18 to prevent stockpiling and food shortages, limiting shoppers to only two items of toilet paper, soap, and UHT milk per trip.

Panic-buying has cleared out supermarket shelves across the world, spurred by concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

Aldi was the first supermarket in the UK to implement rationing, effective Monday, March 16, local media reported, with customers only allowed to buy four items of one product per visit.

Sainsbury’s released a statement on Wednesday announcing they were focusing on getting “as many essential items onto shelves as we possibly can.”

This video shows empty shelves inside a London Sainsbury’s on March 19 as an announcement about restrictions was made over the loudspeaker. The uploader shared that many “staples” were “wiped out. Baby items especially were devastating to see gone.” Credit: Rain Dove via Storyful