Sherlock's Finest Moments


For fans of Sherlock it now seems like an absolute lifetime since the last season was on our screens. The New Year’s Day special “The Abominable Bride” was enough to tide us over for a while, but we’ll have to wait until January 2017 for the next full series to begin. The BBC has confirmed two of the three episode titles, “The Six Thatchers” and “The Lying Detective”, and we know that Toby Jones will be on board playing a villain. Otherwise though it’s a case of playing the old waiting game when it comes to figuring out what direction this fourth series will take.

So many questions remain unanswered. Is Moriarty truly gone? Will Sherlock face any further fallout from his murder of Magnussen? Will we get to the bottom of the significance of Redbeard? Is the “other one”, a third Holmes brother? As we wait patiently for the new season to begin and to see if our questions will be answered, let’s revisit some of the show’s finest moments to date:

Moriarty Arrives : S1 E3

Andrew Scott’s Moriarty is unquestionably one of the finest TV villains in recent years. Charming, witty and utterly psychotic, his introduction in season one’s finale is a wonderful glimpse into the madness to come. Technically he is introduced earlier in the episode as “Jim”, Molly’s new girlfriend who Sherlock claims is gay. As the episode races to its conclusion however, the various pieces of Moriarty’s puzzle come together and Sherlock and John finally come face to face with our smiling psychopath in an eerie empty swimming baths. His unstable demeanour is laid bare and the explosive vest he has taped to John’s chest creates a tense standoff pitting two great minds against each other for the first time.

Visiting Buckingham Palace : S2 E1

One of Sherlock’s strengths as a show is its ability to blend moments of humour in amongst all of its powerful drama. One of the finest examples of this came in the season two opener when Sherlock and John are summoned by Mycroft to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately Sherlock was dragged to the palace rather abruptly and is bundled in wearing nothing but a bedsheet. Holmes and Watson sit there waiting like two naughty schoolboys and can’t help but laugh at the situation they find themselves in. The finest moment though come as the two Holmes brothers bicker between themselves. “Here to see the Queen?” John asks. To which Sherlock replies as Mycroft enters, “apparently, yes.”

The Jump : S2 E3

What a way to end a series. It’s hard to think of many other series finales that have left so many heads being scratched and so many explanatory theories being proffered online. While the mystery of “how did he do it?” was undoubtedly the main takeaway from this sequence, the real impact came from the emotional phone call between Sherlock and John as the former stands perilously on the edge of a building, knowing he must sacrifice himself to keep his friends free from harm. As Sherlock tries in vain to convince John that he’s actually a fraud in a futile attempt to somehow lessen the blow, John’s crestfallen reaction drives the scene home. This emotionally charged conversation between two dear friends also presented a great opportunity for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to prove what talented actors they both are.

The Best Man Speech : S3 E2

When John and Mary tied the knot in season three, Sherlock gave a best man speech in his own inimitable style. It starts off as self-involved and inappropriate as ever including a discussion over how foolish he considers the very concept of marriage to be. However he soon turns it around and delivers a truly heartfelt tribute to his friend, highlighting that he is aware of his own foibles, “John, I am a ridiculous man”, and also that he has become a better man for having known John. He finishes off by assuring John “I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down, and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.” We get several glimpses behind Sherlock’s well-crafted exterior, but this is perhaps the strongest indicator yet that he truly is a good and honest man at heart.

Mary Shoots Sherlock : S3 E3

Regardless of how early you clocked that all wasn’t quite as it seemed with Mary, the moment that Sherlock comes face to face with her in Magnussen’s office remains a brilliantly crafted revelation. We don’t learn that she deliberately shoots Sherlock in a way that wouldn’t kill him until later on, so upon first watch it comes as quite the shock. Once Sherlock has been wounded, what follows next is the first great visual demonstration of him accessing his much discussed mind palace. Cumberbatch is on fine form as he descends down into its depths, where at its very centre who should he find but Moriarty. While he’s down there, Sherlock realises he has to find the strength to survive and slowly but surely he begins to cling to life. It’s a thrilling moment, beautifully shot and masterfully acted as we get a telling glimpse into the mind of the legendary detective.

(Image Credit : BBC)