Sherrie Hewson Quit Internet Dating When She Received Rude Naked Photos

Internet dating definitely isn’t for everyone, and Loose Women’s Sherrie Hewson is one person who can vouch for that after admitting that she quit a dating site when she received rude penis photos in her inbox.

See, guys? Unsolicited nude photos are never cool.


Speaking about her experience, the 65-year-old couldn’t help but laugh as she joked: “I didn’t know what it was for a minute, but then I haven’t seen one for many years. Then I went: ‘Oh my God!’

“I was shocked and didn’t know where to look. It’s the online dating version of a flasher but apparently it’s quite common.

“People say to me that’s what they do nowadays.”


And despite being put off by the image Sherrie admits that she is still looking for love, adding: “The picture definitely wasn’t worth sending but I can’t get it out of my head.

“It’s put me off that website but I’m still looking for love. I would like to know what it’s like to have somebody care about you, I’ve forgotten what it’s like. And it would be so nice for it to happen this year.”


The former Coronation Street star also revealed that she found dating on a website a little awkward due to her fame, going on to reveal that potential suitors recognised her from the telly.

She shared: “Do you know how many women there are on their own after a certain age? Everyone says the only way to meet somebody is on a website. You can’t go to a club, or a discotheque as they used to call it in my day.


“But if I send my photo over a website, people go ‘oh my God, this isn’t really Sherrie Hewson is it’? Then they ask, ‘Can’t you find a man?’ You can’t win.”

We’re sure the perfect man is waiting for Sherrie somewhere - and we can’t wait for her to find him.