Tortoise Nears 150th Birthday at San Antonio Zoo

Staff at San Antonio Zoo celebrated Edie the tortoise’s birthday, revealing she was “pushing 150 years old.”

Video from San Antonio Zoo shows Edie enjoying pats from a staff member.

Staff at San Antonio Zoo revealed Edie had lived there for more than 50 years, telling Storyful that “she has been part of San Antonio for generations” and arrived at the zoo from another facility in 1973.

“We unfortunately do not know her exact birthday – as is the case with many tortoises, she was born well before strict record keeping for animals was commonplace,” a staff member said in an email.

“We can best estimate her age based on things like reproductive cues (egg structure, frequency, etc.). While we can’t be totally certain, it’s quite possible she’s actually over 150 according to our Ectotherms director,” a staff member said. Credit: San Antonio Zoo via Storyful