'She's Soft' - Youngster Shows No Fear as She Holds Palm-Sized Australian Spider

Growing up in a house full of spiders and insects, Lisa Van Kula Donovan’s children are more relaxed than most when dealing with creepy-crawlies.

In a video posted to Instagram on October 10, the Queensland-based amateur entomologist’s daughter holds up her hand to show a palm-sized spider, a golden huntsman.

The spider, which is native to Queensland, is the world’s second-largest species of huntsman, which are generally not considered dangerous to humans due to their weak venom.

“What do you think?” Van Kula Donovan asks in the video (which was originally recorded in 2018), to which her daughter replies: “She’s soft.”In the post, Van Kula Donovan described the spider, which she named Hawn, as “the chillest huntsman ever.” Credit: Wannabe Entomologist via Storyful