Shikellamy Arts Department looking to upgrade digital art classes

Mar. 10—SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School District arts department is looking to upgrade equipment needed for students to continue to thrive in what is becoming a popular field.

Teachers Jennifer Shay and Christina Landau, along with art students, Lex Welliver, and Ryan Li, spoke to the board of directors Thursday about getting some new equipment for the department.

Both students showcased their work, including that of Li, a senior, who entered a competition at Bloomsburg University and won a $4,000 scholarship for a piece of art he created about his life.

"They (students) are doing great things in this department," Landau told the board.

Landau and Shay explained to the board they wanted the district to purchase about 24 Apple iPads with Apple Pencils so the students can work on expanding their digital art skills.

Welliver explained she owns her own iPad but having them in the district for the department would help other students who are interested in learning their craft.

The board listened to the teachers and students and Superintendent Jason Bendle said the district could use funds they have to purchase the equipment.

Shay and Landau said the iPads would remain at the school for the department and no student would be taking them home.

Bendle said he would be getting prices on the equipment, but in the meantime directors were treated to the visual art that is being taught and produced through the department.

"With the right equipment, we can make so much more progress," Landau said.

High School Principal Marc Freeman agreed with the teachers and students.

"We have so many talented students and they are all showing off their skills," he said.

The board agreed to look into the cost of the iPads and use Emergency Relief For Schools funds.