Shirebrook dog with huge instagram and tiktok following to be 'face' of Aldi dog food range

Ambrosius, photographed by Marie Adams. (Photo: Marie Adams)
Ambrosius, photographed by Marie Adams. (Photo: Marie Adams)

Tracey Bone, aged 40, originally from Chesterfield but living in Shirebrook, lives with her father, Gerry, and their beloved dogs, Ambrosius, Billy and Jareth.

Tracey said she is “beyond excited” after finding out that Ambrosius, her five-year-old spaniel, had been selected as part of a six-dog cohort, to be the face of Aldi's brand of dog food, Earls – after entering him in an online contest.

The Earls' contest, launched by Aldi, outlined that the company were looking for dogs to be the ‘face’ of the country’s biggest-selling own brand of pet food.

And luckily Ambrosius, who has also won a year’s supply of the branded dog food, is no stranger to the spotlight.

As Tracey shared how the Shirebrook dog has thousands of fans online, with 50k followers on Instagram – – and an impressive 500k following on TikTok, at

Tracey said: “He is my soul dog. I am just so proud of him and he is adored by everyone.”

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Tracey created an Instagram for Ambrosius in 2019 after it was suggested by a friend, but said she did not expect for it to “take off” as it has.

She said an additional account on TikTok was created during the first coronavirus pandemic in 2020 where she started to share videos of Ambrosius, along with his brothers Billy and Jareth, getting involved with TikTok trends and connecting with other dogs across the world.

Tracey said Ambrosius is a “huge help” with her anxiety and was a “great comfort” for her, after a period of severe bulling impacted her mental health.

She added: “I share our life online and through that, Ambrosius has met some incredible friends – both humans and dogs.

“He came into my life at a time when I was very low and to see him brightening up other people’s day means the world to me.

“He is full of love and life, and such a different dog to the shy boy he once was.

“It is exciting to be sharing this opportunity with him, and I cannot wait to see his face in the store.”