Shirt sales, £6m property deal and how Brazil is already getting ready for Aston Villa transfer

Aston Villa playmaker Philippe Coutinho is wanted by his former club as Barcelona watch on
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Philippe Coutinho is heading for the exit door at Aston Villa who are close to sealing an agreement with Vasco da Gama over a loan deal.

The Brazilian has not hit the heights expected of him since arriving at Villa Park under former boss Steven Gerrard in January 2022. But he is now on his way out of Villa Park on a loan deal for another 12 months having just finished a loan spell with Al Duhail in Qatar.

As Coutinho looks close to sealing his move, here BirminghamLive brings you up to date on what has been said, the preparations being made for his arrival and the player's canny business move.

What have Vasco da Gama said

Club president Pedrinho said: "Regarding Coutinho, I will take the liberty because I am the one who has been playing from the beginning," he said.

"It is not a simple negotiation, as people think and say. Coutinho must lose his link with the Qatari club and also rent Aston Villa for a year. The bureaucracy is tedious and time-consuming and it is no one's fault, it is part of the process that needs to be addressed."

Coutinho's investment

While the player's career lies away from Aston Villa as he looks to complete his move to Vasco da Gama, he has been busy thinking about his future off the pitch. Coutinho has completed a strategic move in real estate by purchasing a shopping mall in the picturesque city of Buzios.

It cost him $8m (£6m) and has bought it in conjunction with his family members as part of their portfolio of properties owned by his company PHA Empresa Patrimonia. It is another sign of Coutinho investing for the future and suggests he will be living in Rio once he completes his move to Vasco.

Shirts are on sale and plans for arrival

According to reports, shirts with Coutinho's name have already been put on sale and are in the club shop. Shirts with the number 11 on were found in the Gigante da Colina store, in Barra Shopping, in the west of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Terra, there are serious plans in place for Coutinho's arrival with his unveiling reportedly planned for July 13. The idea is to have an event with artists before Vasco's stadium's renovations take place.

Contract requests

According to SuperVasco, Coutinho's staff wants some details to be included in the contract that are claimed to refer to his safety and that of his family.

It is reported that 'these details are not negotiated or requested directly by Coutinho, but are "guarantees" that the player's family – who also participates in the negotiation – want to have in the contract'.

The report claims that includes family space in the stadium, common for European clubs and it is not going to be a hitch in the move back to his homeland.

No Liverpool regrets

Coutinho left Liverpool in 2018 when he pushed for a January transfer to Barcelona for a whopping £142m. Things did not work out for Coutinho in Catalonia, but earlier this year, the midfielder insisted he held no regrets for leaving Merseyside in the manner that he did.

"No. At no time [do I have any regret]," he said. "Things did not turn out as I imagined, as people expected, as I expected because I am the first to demand of myself on the field, I tell myself that I have to give more on the field.

"I tried everything, I have always been very professional and I don’t regret anything. It was always my dream to play for Barca and I went there, I enjoyed it, I was able to meet many people, win titles and it will always be in the story of my life."

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