Shirtless Tongan strikes again, steals show in pose with Lindsey Vonn, IOC head Thomas Bach

Stop it, Yahoo. Enough already with the shirtless Tongan. How many times can you show us a picture of the same oiled-up Olympian wearing the same outfit?

That’s clearly what you’re thinking, yet here you are having clicked on this story.

So at least once more. And come on. This image of Pita Taufatofua from Sunday’s Closing Ceremony at the PyeongChang Games is worth it.

Pita Taufatofua, far left, once again made an Olympics ceremony his own personal showcase. (AP)

That’s Taufatofua on the far left, featured with U.S. skiing legend Lindsey Vonn, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach and a host of other athletes from around the world toward the end of Sunday’s Closing Ceremony festivities.

It marks Taufatofua’s fourth shirtless appearance at an Olympics ceremony, with two each in PyeongChang and Rio.

Despite his less-than-optimal finish as a cross-country skier this year, Taufatofua continues to win at life.

So how about one more picture of him? You know you want it.