Shocking bodycam footage shows the moment police rescued a man who was 'days from death'

Will Metcalfe

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: Days from death at the hands of the one he loved this footage shows the heartbreaking impact of domestic abuse.

Alex Skeel was days from death when rescued by police.

And this bodycam footage, shared as part of a new BBC documentary, Abused by my Girlfriend, shows the point he was saved.

Alex from Bedfordshire in England, reveals the extent of the abuse he received at the hands of his controlling girlfriend, Jordan Worth.

She would tell him what he could wear, where he could go and eventually – who he would see.

Following the intense mental abuse, Worth then began starving her boyfriend, giving him just scraps of food to eat.

He lost close to 20kg and when police finally arrived he was close to death.