Shocking bodycam footage shows thugs kick police officer into path of moving bus

This is the shocking moment a police suspect viciously kicked a female police officer into the path of a double decker bus.

PC Lorraine McGinty and a colleague had pulled over Martin Payne, 19, in his BMW in Merton, south west London on November 17 last year. Kersan Euell, 20, and a third man were also in the vehicle.

What started out as a routine check after the car was found not to be insured quickly turned into a nightmare for the officer, who was forced to take a month off work after the horrific attack by Euell.

She is now considering early retirement.

The footage begins with the officer asking Payne to tell her his name, warning that if he doesn’t comply he’s going to be arrested.

Karsan Euell and Martin Payne moments before they turned violent (Metropolitan Police)
Karsan Euell and Martin Payne moments before they turned violent (Metropolitan Police)

Payne – who had been casually scrolling on his phone, insisting that he’d already given his name – makes a sudden attempt to flee, attempting to take down PC McGinty’s colleague, PC John Collins, in the process.

As PC McGinty calls for urgent assistance, the scuffle moves into the road.

Then, as PC McGinty tries to help her fellow officer with the aid of her CS gas canister, Euell launches a kung fu kick at her head, sending her into the path of the moving bus.

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PC McGinty suffered a two inch gash to the back of the head having landed on the pavement.

Both officers were taken to hospital after the violent scenes, which resulted in PC Collins suffering a broken rib.

Euell was jailed for three years and six months for the attack, while Payne was sentenced to two years and nine months.

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