Shocking dashcam footage captures police drama

Staff writer

This shocking dashcam footage shows the moment a car being chased by police shot the wrong way over a roundabout - then collided with another car and caught FIRE.

The crash happened on Tuesday (Dec 30) at 11.40am, between two major roundabouts just outside of Watford town centre, Herts.

The unsettling footage shows the dark grey Citroen C4 Picasso cutting across the car with the dashcam on approach to a roundabout, then zooming across the roundabout the wrong way.

It narrowly avoids colliding with a silver Volkswagen vehicle, before exiting the roundabout - and a moment later, crashing into a Land Rover Discovery, and bursting into flame.

Sejal Dalal, 43, who caught the incident on his dashcam, said: "It was like something out of a movie."

He added: "The car was being chased by a marked police car and other unmarked police vehicles.

"He cut me up on the roundabout. Then when I made my turn, I saw the car on fire.

"It was a really bad crash - I think he must have smashed head on into the Land Rover."

Sejal's dashcam footage shows police officers pulling up on the side of the carriageway and running across the two lanes and over the central reservation, to where the crash had happened.

Sejal then drove past the police car and continued on his journey. The footage was captured between 11.40 and 11.42am. The carriageway of Stephenson Way heading into Watford town centre was closed for six hours between midday and 6pm on Tuesday, as Hertfordshire Police dealt with the collision.

A police statement issued just before midday said: "Police are currently at the scene of a two vehicle collision on Stephenson Way in Watford.

"A Citroen Picasso and a Land Rover Discovery were in collision. There are not believed to be any life threatening or life changing injuries at this time.

"The fire service and ambulance service were also called to the scene."

Delays were cleared by 4.50pm and the road was reopened in both directions at 6pm.