The shocking footage of pup's beating that sparked national outrage and landed thug in jail

This was the moment a cruel thug repeatedly punched a defenceless puppy in the street - sparking national outrage. Tyler Steele was filmed as he took his anger out on the little XL Bully when it failed to obey his commands.

Doorbell footage showed him land repeated blows as he shouted and swore at the dog in Poundlock Avenue, Hanley, on July 7 last year. Steele is initially seen walking the puppy along the pavement before it sits down on its haunches and won't budge. Steele then pulls the animal towards him before hitting it multiple times.

A few seconds later, Steele can be seen walking in the other direction with the pup in his hands as it barks. At one point, Steele can be heard saying 'He can f*** off'.

When StokeonTrentLive shared the footage thousands of people across the country joined the search to find the man responsible. The RSPCA also launched an investigation. A few days later Steele turned up at the door from which the footage was taken and left a message on its doorbell camera.

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He can he heard to say: "I don't give a f*** about the video. I've told everyone it was me. I don't give two flying f***s. I'll treat my dog how I want to treat it."

Shockingly, another incident involved Steele throwing the dog from a parked car and across a road in Berry Hill just two months earlier on May 2.

Steele, of Tiverton Road, Berry Hill, went on to admit two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. And he was jailed for 18 weeks at North Staffordshire Justice Centre yesterday (June 10).

Stephen Vasey, mitigating, conceded the two offences involving the dog were unpleasant. He said: "I would submit the incident on July 7, the slapping of the dog, four hits of the puppy, is not serious cruelty. It is cruel but not serious cruelty."

Magistrates disqualified Steele from keeping animals for five years. He was banned from driving for 12 months. And he must pay a £154 surcharge.

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