Shocking footage shows the dreadful state of a park after lockdown restrictions ease in the UK

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Shocking footage shows the dreadful state of a park that looks more like a rubbish tip this morning (Weds) after thousands of sunseekers congregated on the hottest day of the year.

Thousands of revellers descended on Woodhouse Moor in Leeds, West Yorks., yesterday (Mar 30) to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions and the warm weather. 

However, pictures taken today at the scene, in the Hyde Park student area of the city, show enormous amounts of litter left on the grass by many of those in attendance. 

In scenes more akin to those you might see at a rubbish tip than at a public park, beer bottles, disposable barbecues, food wrappers and shards of glass could be seen strewn across the grass. 

A council crew arrived at Woodhouse Moor early this morning to begin the clean-up operation and are expected to remain in place well into the afternoon. 

Photos taken at the park yesterday showed hundreds of groups of up to 20 people tightly packed together in some parts. 

Many of those in attendance were drinking alcohol, playing music and having barbecues - despite signs in place instructing people not to cook their own food in the park. 

Sunseekers, on a day when temperatures reached 21 degrees in Leeds, began congregating in the morning and remained there until well into the evening. 

Although lockdown restrictions were eased yesterday, people are still required to social distance and stay local as much as possible.

Responding to the scenes, a Leeds City Council spokesman said: "Whilst recognising that people will be keen to meet up with friends and family in our parks and green spaces given the relaxation in some coronavirus restrictions this week.

"We are asking residents to still fully respect all of the guidance currently in place. This includes those rules relating to social distancing and gatherings.

"This is vitally important if we are to continue to protect the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others. It is important that those who have had a vaccination continue to follow the rules.

"The full impact of the vaccine on transmission of the virus is not yet known, therefore it may be possible to spread the virus, putting others at risk.

"We hope our residents can enjoy the good weather and our amenities while still adhering to the guidelines."