Shocking footage shows floodwaters rushing in a Louisiana home

Kamryn Hodges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was watching TV with her family when suddenly water came rushing in on Monday (May 17). Heavy rains started falling across Louisiana that Monday, causing major flooding and damages to vehicles and homes. Kamryn told Newsflare: "We lost all our furniture that was too big to move, [and] lost our cars. Within seconds, everything changed for us. I was fearful because of how fast it was rushing in, and I didn’t know when it would stop. I have a cat and a dog who mean everything to me... I was terrified for them. We are all luckily safe. Our home and means of transportation are our problems now." "I went upstairs and [stayed] home but going to stay at a friend's...because [of] the mildew smell and the AC isn’t working properly."

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