Shocking footage shows man attacking car with sledgehammer in road rage row

Martin Coulter

This is the shocking moment a furious trucker attacked a car with a sledgehammer after a road rage row with the driver.

The terrifying ordeal was caught on CCTV in the Port Richmond neighbourhood of Philadelphia, US, on Tuesday.

An unnamed witness told Mail Online: "The driver of the Kia Sportage probably didn't realise the street was a dead end when he pulled into the parking lot."

In the video, the victim can be seen pulling into the parking lot in his gray SUV. The other man speeds into the lot after him and parks close behind his car.

CCTV showed the moment a man attacked another driver with a sledgehammer (Handout)

The man in the red pickup then hurries out of his truck with the sledgehammer in hand, as the man in the SUV attempts to drive off.

The sledgehammer-wielding man, who wore neon yellow, took then smashes the other's driver's side window several times.

The victim, seen wearing a sky blue shirt, then leaps out of the SUV, hopping around while holding his leg and arm.

He then climbs back in, driving away from the scene before the attacker follows suit.