Shocking footage shows traffic warden and disgruntled driver brawling in middle of East London street

Footage was caught of a traffic warden and disgruntled driver brawling in the middle of Manor Park in East London. (Credit: SWNS)
Footage was caught of a traffic warden and disgruntled driver brawling in the middle of Manor Park in East London. (Credit: SWNS)

A shocking brawl between a disgruntled driver and a traffic warden in East London has been caught on camera.

The fight between the two took place on 16 August in the Manor Park area of East London. The clip, in which a fight can be seen breaking out between the two after the traffic warden, 38, took an image of the driver's vehicle, was filmed by a passer-by on Chesterford Road.

It shows the driver, 41, in a high-vis vest going off-camera and returning with a long piece of wood before swinging it at the traffic warden. The traffic warden then throws punches and shoves the man, knocking him to the ground before the stand-off continues.

A by-stander then approaches to separate the two feuding men. According to the witness, who filmed the footage, he stuck around on the street for around 10 minutes while the fight was ongoing.

The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "To be honest it didn't really phase me, as you see so much crime around that area. I didn't think the man was going to get a piece of wood though. I was just glad it didn't get out of hand."

He added:  "I was just driving down the street but they were blocking the road so I couldn't get through. I was driving to see my mate but couldn't get through. There were a lot of people around watching.

"I had to drive an alternative route but when I drove past 10 minutes later they were still there. I presume they were waiting for the police."

Police said that the traffic warden sustained injuries to his finger from the incident however was not hospitalised. The force added that the traffic warden's earphones were damaged in the brawl.

The Metropolitan Police said: "Police were called at 12:34hrs on Wednesday, 16 August to reports of an altercation between two men at Chesterford Road, E12. Officers attended. At the scene a 38-year-old man, a traffic warden, has suffered an injury to his finger. His injury did not require medical treatment.

"The victim’s earphones were also broken in the assault. A 41-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and causing actual bodily harm."

The driver was subsequently released from custody after officers resolved the situation with a Community Resolution.

A Met Police spokesperson added: "The victim agreed to accept payment from the suspect to replace the damaged earphones. The assault allegation was not proceeded with."

A Newham Council spokesperson said: “We are pleased that the Police have taken immediate action to deal with this man, who attacked one of our staff as he was carrying out his duties. The prompt arrest underlines our own clear message of Newham’s zero tolerance policy to abuse and violence aimed at staff; we will always stand by employees in pursuit of justice if they are victimised."