Shocking moment Easter egg drop turns ugly as children 'trample' on each other to reach chocolate treats

Jonathan Mitchell

This is the shocking moment a family-friendly Easter egg drop descended into chaos as children "trampled" on each other while scrambling to grab chocolate eggs.

Children can be heard screaming in pain and shouting they “can’t get up” after more than 30,000 Easter eggs were dropped from a helicopter over a school field in Queensland, Australia, today.

The Good Friday event was reportedly organised by a church for the Upper Coomera State College, with thousands of children scrambling for the chocolate treats.

In the shaky footage, a child can he heard shouting “stop pushing” repeatedly while another complains that he “can’t get up” from the crush.

Children can be heard screaming as they scramble for chocolate eggs (Cat Iler)

Amazed parents can be seen standing by while the children scramble for eggs, while children are spotted pulling each other away from the crowd.

The five-minute video has been viewed more than 1,000 times since it was posted to Facebook this morning, with many viewers left horrified by the scramble.

Cat Iler, who uploaded the video, even claimed ambulances had to be called.

Lisa C Twelftree said: “This is awful. They have to stop these events. A similar thing happened last year. It would be extremely traumatic getting trampled.

“It's awful with the sound on hearing all the poor kids crying.”

Kellie Faulkner said: “Those kids are so scared. One person saying they can't breathe. People are being crushed.

“I really hope the management get into a lot of trouble. Make a formal complaint. This isn't good enough!”

In 2015, an Easter egg hunt in Sacramento similarly turned ugly when parents jumped in trying to grab sweets for their children.

The event was a world record attempt, but descended into mayhem as a crush for eggs ensued, despite the event designed to raise money for victims of human trafficking.