Shocking: UK McDonald's security guard batters and kicks woman who threw nearly empty drink over him

This shocking footage shows a McDonalds security guard battering a woman with a baton and kicking her on the ground after she threw the remains of a drink at him. The bouncer flew into a rage outside the fast-food chain in Birmingham city centre on Sunday morning after the woman tipped a cup of liquid on him. In mobile phone footage uploaded to the Birmz is Grime blog, bystanders urge the woman to "do it, do it, you bad?". As soon as she throws the dregs of her drink, the guard grabs his stick from the doorway and chases after her. He pushes her to the ground several metres away and lands a series of blows with the baton to her head and body. The man is seen on the footage kicking and stamping on her as he lies on her side unable to defend herself before moving away. But when the woman shouts something, he turns on his heels and pulls his left leg back to kick her again. The footage uploaded to the Birmz is Grime blog ends while the woman remains on the ground beside the restaurant next to Birmingham's New Street station. Social media users called for police to investigate. Writing on Twitter, Bekka said: "Totally not acceptable behaviour that's a serious assault on a members the public." Pipshaw said: "That's just so disgusting and vile on all levels." Another user said: "This is ridiculous, shocking behaviour." West Midlands Police and McDonald's have been contacted for comment.

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