‘Shokugeki No Soma’ Chapter 260 Spoilers: Erina’s Dish Takes the Stage

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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 260 releases Monday, April 23, but spoilers for what will happen in the upcoming chapter are already surfacing on Reddit, MangaHelpers and other fan forums. In the previous chapter, we got insight into Erina’s personality, and what has made her the fabulous (and, at the same time, unremarkable) chef that she is. With the outcome of the entire advancement exam weighing heavily on her shoulders, it’s hard not to wonder what’s ahead in Chapter 260.

For those who need a refresher on everything that happened in Chapter 260, we've provided an overview below. Or, if you’re impatient, you can scroll on down to the spoilers section. Keep in mind: THEY ARE CHAPTER 260 SPOILERS . If you aren’t prepared to have the upcoming chapter’s plot exposed, then just stay back.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 259 ‘The Way They Do Things’ Recap

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Chapter 259 saw Erina preparing her "true" specialty. Funimation

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Chapter 259 opened with a reflection back to when Erina was a young girl. She anxiously waits for her grandfather to try her latest dish—one she confidently believed to be her “specialty.” Unfortunately for Erina, her grandfather tells her the dish is not up to standard for a specialty.

Flash-forward to the present, as Erina and Soma’s teammates are shocked that Soma has deemed the two-course meal a “Shokugeki.” Fearing the whole team is in for a massive failure, the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation wonder how Soma could be so rash as to pit his and Erina’s dishes in competition with one another. At this point, Yuki wonders if  Erina doesn’t actually have specialty. Hisako agrees, stating that though Erina is considered an elite, pro-level chef, neither she nor Soma have been awarded the distinction of having their own specialties by Sir Senzaemon.

The scene then switches to a determined Erina, who is clearly preparing herself for the fight of her life. Though still somewhat disgruntled with Soma for calling the meal a Shokugeki, Erina has been awakened and begins creating her main course.

Scrapping everything she had prepared ahead of time, Erina resolves to create an entirely new dish. Time is tight though, and with only 10 minutes left on the clock, she enlists Soma to act as her second pair of hands. The two work furiously as Erina’s true and powerful nature emerges.

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The scene moves to Erina’s grandfather, who reveals that Erina dishes may be technically perfect, but they lack heart, which is why she has never been able to create a true specialty.

Meanwhile, Erina is working with more drive than ever before. Her usual elegant cooking style becomes aggressive and deadly. Trampling everything in her path, Erina works with a single purpose in mind; to create her own specialty.

The scene then switches to Azami, who believes that even if Erina manages to deliver her own specialty, it has no chance of success after the mess Soma made of the appetizer.

In the final frames of the chapter, we see Erina sliding a dish onto the table, just in the nick of time, preparing us for a truly epic Chapter 260.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 260 Spoilers & Predictions

shokugeki, no, soma, chapter, 260, spoiler, spoilers, predictions, manga, raw, scan food, wars, erina,

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 260 releases April 23, but spoilers are available now. Check out all the details on the upcoming chapter, here. Viz Media

With such a riveting chapter behind us, there’s plenty of discussion around the web on what Erina’s dish will be and how the competition will pan out. Official spoilers have yet to drop, but once those begin coming in, we’ll update this post with details. If you haven't read the latest Shokugeki No Soma chapter, you can access it by signing up for Viz Media's Weekly Shonen Jump subscription. The subscription costs $25.99 annually, or you can purchase individual issues for $0.99 each. In the meantime, here are our favorite predictions or spoilers for what will happen in Chapter 260.

  • Spoiler / Prediction #1 : We’ll Finally Get A Glimpse of the Dish, But No Challenge Results - Though Shokugeki no Soma has tended to draw out important cooking matches in the past (ex: Hayama Shokugeki ), we believe we’ll get, at the very least, a glimpse of what Erina has prepared in the next installment. Whether or not we’ll hear the judges’ verdicts, however, could be put off for a later chapter. We think there’s a good chance Erina’s father will pose some objection to the dish, even if it checks all the boxes. At some point Erina is going to have to have a showdown or heart-to-heart with Dad, and it’s possible we’ll see that scenario play out before we hear the final outcome of the dish.

  • Spoiler / Prediction #2: Erina’s Dish Will Be Have Appetizer-Like Underpinnings - With Soma’s controversial appetizer taking on elements of a main dish, it seems the perfect compliment would be for Erina’s main dish to use elements normally found in appetizers. Some members of the Food Wars! Subreddit theorize the dish could include eggs, a common ingredient in appetizers and a hat tip to her early experiences with Soma. One crazy theory that we’ve fallen in love with is that Erina’s dish will be an egg-based dessert. If a two-course meal is made up of a main dish and dessert, then Soma’s main dish-like offering could actually get away with being the appetizer to a desert.

  • Spoiler / Prediction #3: Erina Will Use Things She’s Learned From Others - No doubt, Erina has a true gift for executing technically perfect dishes, but her rigid technique seems to leave little room for creativity. Just as Soma has learned to use Erina’s skills to make up for his own weaknesses, Erina would benefit from utilizing tricks she’s learned from Soma and others to expand her abilities. One way this could play out is through Erina using the “transforming sauce” in her dish. The most satisfying solution would be if Erina were to break out of the mold and do something a little crazy or unexpected, showing Soma’s influence on her growth as a character.

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