Shop London: Rest & Recharge with YSM8’s Poonam Dhuffer

Ellie Davis
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 (Sandy Biring)
(Sandy Biring)
Shop London
Shop London

Even as restrictions begin to lift, there’s still plenty to be stressed out about.

As we head into this transition period and adapt to a new normal all over again, it is unsurprising that this may trigger anxiety and worry. Sleepless nights may feel par for the course at this point but that need not be the case.

As part of our Shop London event to support small, local and lesser-known businesses across the capital, we’ve called upon Poonam Dhuffer - founder of YSM8 - to instil practical tools to help us truly rest and recharge.

Dhuffer founded YSM8 on a mission to encourage self-awareness, self-compassion, spirituality and self-reflection. Retrain your mindset with her “Yes, mate!” mantra - words to live by as we head into the next period of uncertainty. YSM8 is an inclusive community for all - where no matter your background or beliefs - everyone is welcome.

On Sunday, April 18 at 10am, Poonam will be guiding us through a 45 minute workshop live on Zoom.

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Together with Poonam you will learn & discover:

  • How mindfulness helps us become aware of what is happening in the present moment

  • Practical tips on how to rest & take care of ourselves when we’re feeling exhausted & tired

  • How to reduce self-destructive thoughts & cultivate positive emotions

  • How to promote movement for body peace & inner healing

  • What habits can we create that promote a sense of calm & restore us

Workshop & talk values

  • Safety: we’re all here to explore, observe & reflect in a space & open space

  • Kindness: we speak with kindness towards each others & about ourselves

  • Letting go of fixing: imagine that nobody in the room needs fixing including yourself

  • Practicing non-judgement: we’re all doing our best

  • Cultivating compassion: we all make mistakes, we’re all human

  • Respecting differences: we allow others to be different from you

  • Protecting confidentiality: we don’t discuss outside the group what individuals share in the session

  • Honouring diversity: be open to what you do not know about other people

  • Supporting inclusion: we all belong

  • Giving space: some people need more privacy than others

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