Shopkeeper fights back as veiled woman with fake gun tries to rob jewellery store in India

A daring shopkeeper in India fought back when a veiled woman came into his shop and pulled a gun out in an attempt to rob it on Tuesday 24 May. The gun, fortunately for the brave man, turned out to be fake. The incident took place at a shop in Palghar district of Virar city in western India's Maharashtra state. CCTV footage showed a woman looking at jewellery when suddenly she pulled out a gun from her carry bag and started to threaten the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, initially stunned and compliant, suddenly jumped across the counter and grabbed her. Tugging her by the hand and the veil, he dragged her out into the street where another man helped restrain her. The Devanarayan jewellery shop man, Devlal Gujar, later handed her over to police. The woman is said to work in a bar on Mira Road and the weapon was reportedly a gun-shaped cigarette lighter. "We are investigating her background," said Raju Mane, a senior police inspector at Arnala Marine Police Station.

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