Shoplifter now works in retail after seeing error of his ways

The IW Law Courts.
The IW Law Courts.

A MAN caught shoplifting has turned his life round and now works in retail - and part of his job involves helping to catch thieves.

Jake Woodford, 25, of Hookes Way, Newport, admitted theft of food worth £20.35 from Sainsburys on July 22 when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Friday.

Liz Miller, prosecuting, said Woodford had been identified by the store because he had stolen previously and "was frequently discussed on Shopwatch".

He was spotted selecting some meal deals and hot food, then leaving the store without attempting to pay for it.

Oscar Vincent, for Woodford, said Woodford's finances were at a low point in July when the theft happened. His partner was pregnant, money was low, and he hadn't eaten properly for several days.

Mr Vincent said: "Since then, he has really got his life sorted.His baby is now 15 days old and the child has completely changed his outlook on life.

"He now works full-time job in retail and regularly deals with shoplifters, so it has raised his awareness of it."

Woodford was given a six-month conditional discharge. He must pay £85 costs, a £26 surcharge and £20 compensation to the store.