'Dog poo' spotted at Glasgow shopping centre during dog-friendly trial

Shopper spots 'dog poo' in Glasgow shopping centre during dog-friendly trial <i>(Image: Archive image. Newsquest.)</i>
Shopper spots 'dog poo' in Glasgow shopping centre during dog-friendly trial (Image: Archive image. Newsquest.)

A PERSON claims to have spotted dog poo in a Glasgow mall sparking a debate among shoppers.

While walking to work one day recently, a social media user said they noticed that a dog had defecated on the floor of the food court in Silverburn.

It comes after the Pollok centre announced it was trialling a dog-friendly approach and allowing visitors to bring their pooches shopping with them.

The post was shared on a local community group, which resulted in around 100 comments from locals who were divided on the issue.

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One person said: "How owners can take dogs in there to start with is idiotic and I have dogs. Certainly wouldn’t take them into a shopping centre."

Another wrote: "Not the dog's fault. [A] shopping centre is not a place for dogs."

A third added: "And this is why dogs unless assistance dogs shouldn't be allowed in shopping centres or shops."

Some felt that as long as people took better responsibility for their pets, they were okay with it.

One wrote: "I don't mind dogs in but owners should clean up after their dogs."

Another added: "I just don’t understand why people don’t carry poo bags on them when they have a pet!!!"

A third person said: "They should not be allowed in when they have owners like that."

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Silverburn confirmed that it is reviewing feedback from the trial and emphasised that while they have cleaning facilities, owners must take responsibility for their pets.

A spokesperson said: "Since the dog-friendly trial launched in October, we have been closely monitoring guest, retailer and team feedback and we will update on this in due course.

"We have always been clear that dogs are the responsibility of owners who must be prepared to clean up after their pets.

"Our cleaning team is on hand to help, however, dog owners must respect the rules we have in place."