Shoppers baffled by pancake syrup's unusual warning to 'keep away from tractors'

A pancake syrup warning has baffled Reddit
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

A shopper has been left stumped after discovering an odd warning on a bottle of pancake syrup.

The customer took to Reddit's MildlyInteresting thread to share a photo of the bottle's label, which listed ingredients and nutritional information. However, it was an unexpected piece of advice which caught the shopper's eye.

The label said: "To get a better taste, keep at less than 25 degrees. Cool after opening. Do not freeze and keep away from tractor and sun."

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"The pancake syrup I bought has 'keep away from tractor' printed on it..." the confused user wrote.

Fellow internet sleuths agreed the advice was unusual and were quick to share their thoughts. One commented: "High RPM, no shielding. They're dangerous. All it takes is a loose, syrup covered, sleeve to get caught in there and you lose an arm."

Another suggested: "[Original poster] needs to put their syrup near a tractor and report back on what happens."

A Reddit user explained that the Arabic word for 'tractor' is very similar to 'heat'
The warning told customers to keep the product away from tractors (stock image) -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Meanwhile a third added: "Huge red flag. Everyone knows you only use tractor safe syrup," and a fourth joked: "How quickly we forget. Doesn't anyone remember the Great Tractor Syrup tragedy of 63."

One commenter even claimed syrup could be deadly to those in the agricultural industry. "Many farmers have been known to drink a bottle or two while working," they said. "They get all jacked up on syrup and even a small amount of syrup can affect driving ability. In 2022, there were 2,337 farmers killed in syrup-related crashes where a farmer had a BSC of .01 to .07 g/dL."

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However one Reddit user had a real explanation as to how the unlikely warning could have made its way onto the bottle – and blamed a simple translation error. "There is a dot that shouldn't be in the Arabic," they said "That means 'keep away from heat', not tractors."

Another replied: "I thought English was bad enough but that's crazy how a single dot changes an entire words meaning!"

And another chimed in: "I was wondering if it was a bad translation of something, and while this doesn't actually disprove that possibility, I used Google Lens on the original text, and still got 'tractors'. But Google's translation could've been what they used in the first place to make the label."