Shoppers urged to 'run' to TK Maxx for designer sunglasses now only £17

TK Maxx shoppers are searching for the product in stores
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

TK Maxx shoppers have stumbled upon a pair of designer sunglasses, which are now more affordable than ever. The popular store has stocked chic sunglasses from luxury brand Steve Madden, and fashion fans are keen to get their hands on them.

TikTok user @Bethaniekendra showcased the sunglasses after chancing stumbling across the accessory in her local TK Maxx. Her post reads: "Run to TK MAXX immediately because their sunglasses are so good at the moment."

In the clip, Beth urged: "Go and look at sunglasses in TK Maxx right now. I have just picked up these Steve Madden sunglasses for £17."

After taking off the tags and trying them on, an excited Beth remarked: "Are you joking? £17 Steve Madden sunglasses and look at them - they are a moment. They are a whole vibe. And they had loads."

The glasses Beth went for sport a rose-gold hue, with a cat-eye design and the Steve Madden insignia on the side. The £17 price is a steal for the label; a similar style of sunglasses currently fetches around $48 (approximately £37) on the Steve Madden website.

The video went viral gaining over 172k views, thousands of likes and numerous comments from thrilled viewers complimenting the glasses. Among the batch of comments, one viewer exclaimed: "Omg they look so good on you girl!!"

Another commented: "They look amazing on you". A third chimed in: "They look absolutely perfect on you!!! Stunning."

A fourth thrilled shopper said: "Shhh, don't tell everyone my secret! I always get my sunglasses there. Chloe, Gucci, Missoni and Tom Ford so far."

Other customers expressed their eagerness to visit TK Maxx themselves. One commented: "Running there tomoz ty", while another added: "I need to go!! " A third exclaimed: "On my way immediately!"