The Shoresy Cast Picks Their Favorite Episode From Season 3, And I Couldn't Agree More

 Jonathan-Ismael Diaby, Terry Ryan, Andrew Antsanen, Jared Keeso, Ryan McDonell, and Jon Mirasty in season 3, episode 4 of Shoresy all sittingin a pool after celebrating their NOSHO hockey victory.
Credit: Hulu

Warning: spoilers ahead for Shoresy, Season 3, Episode 4 are ahead.

It's not always the case that a spin-off show can live up to its original inspiration, but that is definitely the case with Shoresy, the streaming-child of Hulu and Crave TV's Letterkenny. The 2024 TV schedule is a little more than halfway through and the third season of Shoresy, and its delighting both fans and cast members alike, with one episode in particular really letting the crew from Sudbury let loose.

When the cast was asked by CinemaBlend's Katie Hughes about their favorite episodes of the season, Episode 4 was the one that stood out, and it's clear why. Blair Lamora, who plays Ziig, went on to talk about the infamous celebration installment, saying:

Such like a cool it was like fun to do it because, obviously, everybody involved, we know why we're there. We're having a good time. Everybody's allowing themselves to have a good time and it shows. And I think it just makes the turnaround from that episode so much happier. And I think it's great.

The cast was definitely letting themselves have a good time. The episode shows the Blueberry Bulldogs go harder than we have ever seen before, with a massive pool party, more ridiculous words and phrases, some drug use (which leads to an explanation about their bizarre haircuts), and even our first fight between Shoresy and coach Sanger.

When Nat tells the team, "There is only one rule. You have fun. You guys have the bus all night to safely take you anywhere," we knew that there was a 100% chance we would see the best team in the league (and now the best team league ever) really cut loose. And they clearly answered the message with a Texas-sized 10-4.

Ryan McDonell, who plays Michaels, followed up about what it was like to film the episode, stating:

Also like, yeah, it was just a different flavor for the show, you know what I mean? Like, like I was saying before, like how there's different things. Like this was kind of a different vibe, a little bit like in the party mode. … It was just a little bit of an adventure this way for a little bit. And it's so fun. And then we come right back and yeah, Bob's your uncle.

The show, and Episode 4 in particular do look like a ton of fun for the cast to create. While both Letterkenny and Shoresy are heavily scripted and not improvised, it's unclear just how many of the crazy party shots we saw were planned out and which parts were simply real people having a real good time. Ryan McDonnell went on to sum up the experience:

That's my favorite episode we've shot so far, is Season 3, Episode 4. Yeah, that was fun.

Hopefully, with the success of Shoresy, we will see some other characters from the Letterkenny universe get their own spinoff shows so the heartfelt, Ted Lasso-like shenanigans can continue.

In the meantime, feel free to check out Shoresy with a Hulu subscription or if you're already caught up, go through our list of the best episodes of Letterkenny before either show gets spoiled for you, because all know, "bad gas travels fast in a small town."