English Breakfast Society calls for hash browns to be removed from fry-ups - and suggests replacement

Full English with hash browns. (Getty Images)
Does your English breakfast include hash browns? (Getty Images)

Do hash browns belong in a full English? While some might not understand why such a question is being asked – because of course they do – others aren't so sure.

In fact, the English Breakfast Society is so strongly against the indulgent fried potatoes they've now called for them to be blacklisted from the traditional dish.

The campaign group – 'a learned society dedicated to the tradition of the English breakfast' – believes hash browns should be replaced with a comeback from their distant cousin, bubble and squeak.

"Somebody had to put their foot down," Guise Bule de Missenden, founder of the English Breakfast Society, told The Times.

"Otherwise we'll find kebab meat in our English breakfast before long."

But why such hatred towards the much-loved breakfast staple?

"The hash brown – the reconstituted, tater-based fast-food – was popularised by McDonald's but somehow we now find it in our English breakfast," he added.

"We're all about bringing back the bubble. That's the reason we're saying no to hash browns. Hashtag, bring back the bubble."

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Bubble and squeak. (Getty Images)
The English Breakfast Society believes bubble and squeak is more authentic. (Getty Images)

While hash browns (known to be American) consist of finely julienned potatoes that have been fried, bubble and squeak (known to be British) consists of potatoes and cabbage (often from leftovers), mixed and fried.

Jon Gale, 72, another member of the Society, highlighted that hash browns have also grown in popularity due to their ease. "The problem is these days, if you go out for a meal, a breakfast in a cafe or a hotel, you tend to get these nasty little fatty triangles, deep-fried frozen potato.

"People have eaten fried potato and rosties for years, but these horrible little insidious triangles of potato...are pretty revolting."

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The Society didn't hold back when they Tweeted their thoughts last week: "PSA: The frozen hash brown was popularised by McDonalds.

"Serving them to customers in your English breakfast as a lazy replacement for bubble & squeak signals your lack of respect for the tradition, your customers, and your country. Do better. #BringBackTheBubble."

While some were in complete agreement – "I wish it were possible to retweet a thousand times over!!" – others stood up for the hash brown – "The problem you can’t ignore is that frozen hash browns, when cooked properly, are delicious and a perfect accompaniment."

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Full English with hash browns. (Getty Images)
The majority of Brits are in favour of hash browns. (Getty Images)

The Society may struggle to sway the mind's of the majority of the nation, as a YouGov survey revealed 60% of Brits say hash browns would feature on their 'ideal' full English.

Persevering, it Tweeted, "The Hash Brown Army may outnumber us, but we fight for a just cause, to give the people of our Kingdom bubble & squeak, a tastier, and more authentically British potato cake."

The group insists the most 'traditional' version of the breakfast should include back bacon, eggs, British sausage, baked beans, bubble and squeak, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, black pudding, with fried and toasted bread on the side.

What's on your list? And does it include hash browns?

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